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Enjoy the smile of your dreams with porcelain dental veneers

Dr. Konz custom designs beautiful porcelain dental veneers that look and feel completely natural. Her knowledge, experience, artistry and meticulous attention to detail will have you smiling with confidence from the inside out.

We take extra steps for exceptional results

To achieve truly exceptional results, Dr. Konz treats each of her designs as a work of art. During the design process, she spends hours taking into account elements you find in any artistic masterpiece: Light reflection, color, texture, translucency and contours. Her detailed designs include layers of porcelain that come together for a perfect fit and long lasting results that accurately match the appearance of your natural teeth.

Once the design or “blueprint” for your veneer is complete, Dr. Konz works with a master ceramist at a high-end laboratory who shares in her philosophy and vision for unwavering quality. She enhances communication with the lab by using hand-sculpted models of your teeth and specialized dental photography. This ensures that every element of your porcelain veneer is crafted with flawless precision.

Experience matters when it comes to dental veneers

Combining advanced training with intrinsic artistry, Dr. Konz designs veneers to seamlessly mask tooth stains, fix chipped teeth, or correct misalignment between your teeth. She takes time to listen to your goals and deliver the results you are looking for: A beautiful veneer that fits comfortably and looks completely natural.

Need help visualizing what you are looking for?

Here are a few examples from our Gallery of “Before and After” smiles with customized porcelain veneers.

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