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Are you unhappy with minor imperfections in your teeth?

You can fix them quickly and easily with enamel recontouring. Dr. Konz will polish away minor imperfections to a bright and natural finish. In addition to reshaping a tooth, enamel recontouring may also help reduce stains and rough spots.

You can enjoy instant gratification with enamel recontouring

If you want change and want it now, this is your answer. Enamel recontouring is budget-friendly and leaves you with immediate and permanent results. Dr. Konz can reshape your tooth, brighten your teeth and smooth out imperfections during the course of a short appointment.

Recontouring your teeth may also be recommended to help reduce pain associated with TMJ Disorder

If your teeth don’t line up because of their shape, it can lead to facial or jaw pain. By reshaping certain teeth, you may be able to fix the misalignment in your bite to take pressure off of your temporomandibular joint (where your upper and lower jaw meet) and relieve your pain.

The beauty of enamel recontouring is simplicity

It’s amazing how a relatively simple change can lead to big and beautiful improvements. For example, one of your front teeth is a little longer than the other. In minutes, Dr. Konz can make reshape your tooth and vastly improve your appearance. You can smile with confidence in no time at all. Here are a few “Before And After” pictures from our Gallery for inspiration.

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Enamel recontouring can provide you with same-day gratification and a beautiful smile. If you have questions, contact us at (847) 367-3050. We look forward to your call.

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