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Do you enjoy having fresh breath?

Regularly scheduled professional dental cleanings are essential to preserving your teeth, gums and supporting bone. When you have a healthy mouth it will feel and smell, fresh and clean.

Patients look forward to our spa-like environment

At Lisa Konz Dental Care there are a number of ways we create a comfortable experience while you are having your teeth cleaned. You may enhance your visit with a complimentary spa treatment; try aromatherapy, a warm paraffin hand wax treatment or watch your favorite Netflix show. If you want to close your eyes, we offer noise-cancelling headphones. Many of our patients have fallen asleep while having their teeth cleaned!

You can feel at ease with our gentle approach

We are known for our exceptionally compassionate approach to your care and advanced knowledge in working with patients who experience dental phobia. If you experience dental anxiety, let us know in advance so our team can do everything possible to help you feel at ease. We work with all of our patients to create a personalized and relaxed dental cleaning experience. After your cleaning, Dr. Konz will examine your teeth and answer all of your questions.

Our use of new technology leads to a better experience

A gentle water-based system for removing plaque makes certain that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and our new dental specific cameras provide high-resolution images to help you visually understand your oral health and diagnosis.

Contact us to learn more

We want you to feel great knowing that you are doing all you can to keep your teeth healthy. To schedule a professional dental cleaning, call Lisa Konz Dental Care in Libertyville at (847) 367-3050. We look forward to hearing from you. 

How you feel is important to us.

ELLE and BETTY say that getting your teeth cleaned at Lisa Konz Dental Care is relaxing and enjoyable. Their comments are included below and in our Patient Testimonials.