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A dental implant is your ideal, long-term option to replace missing teeth

It can be devastating to lose a tooth. Getting a dental implant is like getting your tooth back. Dr. Konz can restore your peace of mind, confidence in your smile, and freedom to eat the foods you love.

Your dental implant should be a life-long solution

The Konz Dental Difference ensures this. A long-lasting implant requires artistic design, meticulous planning with an interdisciplinary team, and the use of superior materials. Dr. Konz is dedicated to quality through every step of the process.

Skill, expertise and knowledge matter

Getting a dental implant should be uneventful. At Lisa Konz Dental Care we make sure your experience is a seamless and smooth series of procedures. It’s why people come to Dr. Konz to fix failed implants. Our reputation for “doing things right the first time” instills confidence in both new and existing patients.

The benefits to dental implants are life changing

With an experienced dentist, implants will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. Here is how:

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How you feel at the dentist is important to us

LOUIS feels we are “the best”. We have included his comments below and in our Patient Testimonials.