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Regain function, freedom and a healthy smile with dentures

At Lisa Konz Dental Care we offer three types of dentures so you can choose the best option for your lifestyle, needs and budget. Dr. Konz is expertly trained in dentures to help guide your decision and will design a custom option for you.

Dr. Konz talks with you about your goals and desires so she can help you choose a denture that meets your needs

The three denture options to consider are:

Implant Supported Denture

This is your most reliable and permanent denture option. You will feel secure at all times as your denture is permanently fixed into place on four or more dental implants. The implant denture will not move and should last a lifetime.

Hybrid Denture

This is a good option when you lack bone support for a full set of implants. The hybrid denture provides you with a fixed option as it is clipped onto two dental implants. At the same time you may unclip the hybrid denture, or remove it, for cleaning.

Traditional Denture

This is your quickest and least expensive option but does not provide the confidence, comfort or freedom of a fixed or hybrid denture. The traditional denture sits on top of your gums and is held in place by a thin film of saliva. You remove the denture for daily cleaning.

Enjoy the quality of life you had before tooth loss

We customize dentures to your unique bite and tooth loss so you will feel normal and your teeth will look natural. Other benefits of dentures from Lisa Konz Dental Care include:

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