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At Lisa Konz Dental Care we create a sports mouth guard that fits perfectly to each athlete’s bite

Do you worry about your kids getting hurt while playing contact sports? Research shows that a custom sports mouth guard vs. an over-the-counter sports mouth guard provides better protection from a wide range of injuries including concussion and brain injury.

Our quality and your your safety go hand-in-hand

Our quality ensures you that your sports mouth guard will be comfortable to wear and can provide protection from a direct hit to the head and neck. Related injuries from a direct hit may include brain injury, concussion, jaw damage, chipped or broken teeth, having teeth knocked out or nerve damage to your teeth. We customize your sports mouth guard by crafting it from a dental mold of your bite. The guard is produced, for strength and durability, by specialty artisans from a blend of high quality resins. To ensure optimal comfort, we hand- trim your sports mouth guard during a final fitting.

Having a precise fit is vital to your optimal protection

A well fitting custom sports mouth guard will help you breath more freely so you can concentrate on your game. Also, when your sports mouth guard fits properly you are less likely to chew on it. This helps to maintain the thickness of the guard so it continues to provide great protection for a long time.

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If you or a loved one is getting ready to play a competitive sport, now is the time to think about getting a custom sports mouth guard. Contact us for an appointment at (847) 367-3050. We look forward to hearing from you.


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