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At Lisa Konz Dental Care we are your partner in achieving and maintaining a healthy smile

The comprehensive dental exam is a great opportunity for you and Dr. Konz to get to know each other. With your needs and concerns in mind, she conducts a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth and takes as much time as you need to answer all of your questions.

The Importance Of A Comprehensive Dental Exam

A baseline or point of reference is vital for the delivery of effective dental care. Results of your comprehensive dental exam provide us with a detailed snapshot of where you are as a patient and what needs to be done to help you achieve a level of dental health that is optimal for you. Together, we will discuss how to reach your goals for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Why We Customize Your Comprehensive Dental Exam

We recognize that each patient is unique; teeth come in all shapes, sizes and colors and each patient has his or her own opinion about what looks good. We appreciate how you feel and work to enhance your individual style, not change it. We listen to you, offer treatment options, and restore your teeth based upon what makes you … you!

Our comprehensive dental exam evaluates the health of your teeth, supporting bones, muscles and gums

We want to help you understand the root cause of any issues or concerns in your mouth and work together with you to reach your goals for a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Working from a comprehensive dental baseline, you can expect us to find effective solutions to your dental concerns. If you have questions about our comprehensive dental examination or to make an appointment, call Lisa Konz Dental Care at (847) 367-3050. We look forward to hearing from you.

How you feel is important to us.

DONNA and DAVID feel confident in our care and appreciate the time we take to listen to their dental concerns. Their comments are included below and in our Patient Testimonials.